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Procedure of loading batteries of an electrical vehicle by Aeolic system

Procedure of loading batteries of an electrical vehicle by Aeolic system

The recharges of batteries, which supplies energy to the electric motor of a vehicle, will be carried out through an Aeolic System composed by the following elements:

-controller with load

The vehicle, being left over, will always have some air amount whose speed will be directly propertional to the same speed of the vehicle.
The air will enter in the autobody by the embrasures placed in the frontal part of the vehicle, and it will canalized towards the rotores.
The rotores could be one or more and they will be placed inside the auto body in a way not to hinder the advance of the vehicle creating friction.
The Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) concurs of extracting the maximum
power by the rotor.
The controller with loads serves to prevent the damaging of the batteries.
The generated current will be “alternating current trifase” (AC) and will be converted from the rectifier in “direct current” (DC).
The generator, the controllers electronics, the rectifier and the batteries will be placed into the vehicle.
The direct current, finally, will be canalized, by a power cable , towards the batteries and it will recharge to them.
It will be also possible to load the batteries when the vehicle is stopped.
This is possible because the wind, investing the car from several points, will be put towards a rotor that will create described energy.

Purposes of the plan and advantages:

* to produce energy to cost 0 and 0 emissions, bringing a remarkable
economic, ecological and social advantage.

* the energy produced in march feeds the same march of the vehicle and there is no need to stop for the refueling.

* development of an innovative system based on rotators and generators placed into the autobody.

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